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2x EXP next weekend!
 Dydeyo •   9 months ago •  258

Just a few updates based on some suggestions I've received.

There will be a 2x EXP weekend for all players this next weekend to commemorate our first month online! (Friday, May 30th 12:00am PST to Sunday, April 2nd 11:59pm PST)


  • Removed auto afk. (You can still use /afk if you want)
  • Changed idle kick from 20 minutes to 2 hours
  • Added fly ability to Expert rank
  • Added use of lava buc...
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Updates - 4.10.21
 Dydeyo •   10 months ago •  277


A bunch of new updates, mostly to smooth out the ranking curve and a few other things. A lot of these changes won't be applied until the next server reset.

New Features:

  • Added an in-game survey system with rewards, so I can get feedback before making any huge changes
  • You can now save and trade your enchanting xp by right clicking with a glass bottle on an enc...
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Another update to end the first weekend.
 Dydeyo •   10 months ago •  283


Now don't be expecting daily updates but as it is the first weekend of opening the server there's just been some things popping up that I've wanted to fix/smooth out. As I always say if you have an suggestions for future updates please let me know!


  • Added some new passive EXP boosters to smooth the leveling curve a bit (starting at lvl 40).
  • Changed playtime bonus EXP from 400 every 2 hours to 500 every 1 ...
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Saturday, April 3rd 2021
 Dydeyo •   10 months ago •  332


So things went mostly good, but a little rough the first night, just wanted to update people on the progress of everything.


  • Removed price for the resource world, didn't intend for there to be a price.
  • Gave players the ability to toggle the scoreboard with /asb toggle on|off, if you'd prefer not to see it.
  • Replaced Scoreboard plugin to...
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The server has officially been launched!
 Dydeyo •   10 months ago •  300


Welcome everyone! We've officially launched the server!

Just to clear up a few questions I've been seeing.

How do I make money? You can get money from voting and killing mobs. But by far the best way to make it is to gather materials and farm resources, then sell them using the menu. I will consider lowering the prices is if it seems like too much, but note that ranks are not meant to be directly attache...

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