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Discord: Dydeyo#3886
IGN: Dydeyo
8 months ago


Now don't be expecting daily updates but as it is the first weekend of opening the server there's just been some things popping up that I've wanted to fix/smooth out. As I always say if you have an suggestions for future updates please let me know!


  • Added some new passive EXP boosters to smooth the leveling curve a bit (starting at lvl 40).
  • Changed playtime bonus EXP from 400 every 2 hours to 500 every 1 hour.
  • Increased ClaimBlocks accrued per hour from 75-->100
  • Changed the placeholders for claim blocks on the scoreboard to make more sense.
  • The first number is the amount of claims you have, the second is the amount of blocks you have left to claim.
  • Added new vote sites:,,,,,,, (pending review)
  • Still can't get to work, insists the server is not online though 10 other websites disagree. So I've just removed this from the list.
  • Plugin Updates: Spartan, mcMMO, DKCoins, VotingPlugin, Nameless MC Plugin


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't get their item after purchasing from the EQ Shop -Thanks to ElwinVikeok for bringing this to my attention!
  • Also fixed the tools in that shop being completely indestructible.
  • Fixed a bug where VotingPlugin was creating empty site links.
  • Did some various text mistakes and cleanups.


Future Updates:

  • Working on adding crafting and farming exp, and hopefully building in the future.



  • Server Crashes: After updating some plugins I've cleared the console of some errors that MAY have been causing the crashes. Since the last update still nothing, so I think this issue is a thing of the past.
  • Rollbacks: I wanted to migrate the leveling data to an external database, but it seems I'd have to do a reset to getting it working which I don't think is worth it at this time. As long as the server doesn't crash and you log out before a reset, this shouldn't happen.
  • Alchemy Issues: Still haven't managed to fix alchemy not working, but it's on the list!
  • No other known issues at this time, please let me know if there are any! I can't always know if no one says anything!

Thanks for playing!

- Dydeyo