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Discord: Dydeyo#3886
IGN: Dydeyo
10 months ago


A bunch of new updates, mostly to smooth out the ranking curve and a few other things. A lot of these changes won't be applied until the next server reset.

New Features:

  • Added an in-game survey system with rewards, so I can get feedback before making any huge changes
  • You can now save and trade your enchanting xp by right clicking with a glass bottle on an enchantment table (100xp per bottle)
  • Added a new function where players will be alerted when others are sleeping, and if 50% of the players online are sleeping the night will be skipped.
  • Rank based salary's, payments will be made every hour to players who are online. (Novice: 5k, Apprentice: 12.5k, Adept: 25k, Expert: 100k, Master: 350k, Hero: 800k, Legend: 1.25m) Note that offline players will not receive a salary, and that AFK players will be ignored when payouts are made.


  • Added a small amount of EXP for neutral mobs and some of the passive mobs
  • Prices in the Farm Shop have increased
  • Prices of creature products have increased
  • Increased some of the prizes in the money crate
  • The probability of getting money from mobs has increased to 100% (note most neutral and all passive mobs do not drop money)
  • Decreased cost for first few rankups
  • Various plugin updates


  • Fully fixed and confirmed that all voting sites are now in working order
  • Brewing table should be working fine now

In the future:

The status of farming and crafting EXP is that I am now just waiting for an update. The dev says it should be ready next week, so please be patient on this.

My overall plan for the server if we are able to grow to have more regular players is to open 2 new worlds:

  • Secura (Casual | no pvp | no drops on death | easy game mode)
  • Inferna (Hardcore | Strict PvP w/ exp and money steal | Factions | No auto claimblocks [players have to buy land] | Hard game mode)

The current world would become know as Antica (the normal mode)

That is depending on how much the server grows, can't really justify paying for more servers at the moment.

Please let me know what you think about my ideas and share your own! If you like or dislike parts of this update, leave a response below! I know there's only about 8 or so active players at this time, but I want to make this server as great for those people as it can be!

Thanks for playing!


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