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Discord: Dydeyo#3886
IGN: Dydeyo
9 months ago

Just a few updates based on some suggestions I've received.

There will be a 2x EXP weekend for all players this next weekend to commemorate our first month online! (Friday, May 30th 12:00am PST to Sunday, April 2nd 11:59pm PST)


  • Removed auto afk. (You can still use /afk if you want)
  • Changed idle kick from 20 minutes to 2 hours
  • Added fly ability to Expert rank
  • Added use of lava buckets to Apprentice rank
  • You can now make claims in the nether & the end. (Be aware the worlds will reset on the 1st of every month! Make sure you have all important items out before that point. Same goes for the resource world!)

Next Updates

  • Still holding out on the plugin update to get farming and crafting exp working properly
  • Again, the nether, the end, and the resource world will reset April 1st (12:00am PST)
  • As always, let me know what other changes you'd like to see!

Thanks for playing,



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