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Discord: Dydeyo#3886
IGN: Dydeyo
8 months ago


Welcome everyone! We've officially launched the server!

Just to clear up a few questions I've been seeing.

How do I make money? You can get money from voting and killing mobs. But by far the best way to make it is to gather materials and farm resources, then sell them using the menu. I will consider lowering the prices is if it seems like too much, but note that ranks are not meant to be directly attached to leveling. You will get a significant exp boost every time you rank up, so its not meant to be easy to achieve or something you can do in a single day.

How do the level and ranking systems work? There are 7 different ranks, the last one requiring level 1000. As for leveling, the soft level cap as of now is 1200, meaning thats when there are no more rewards to gain. Though, if/when someone reaches that level you can expect further updates to expand on that. Basically there is no level cap.

Is there creative? I can't help but wonder where people are finding this server, I feel like I was pretty clear in the description. No, there is not.

Things have gone mostly pretty smoothly so far, but please let me know of any problems you might be having! Also I'm very open to suggestions. Thanks for playing, and to everyone who's voted! Expect an update in the near future to fix some of the bugs I've discovered so far!

- Dydeyo

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