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Discord: Dydeyo#3886
IGN: Dydeyo
8 months ago


So things went mostly good, but a little rough the first night, just wanted to update people on the progress of everything.


  • Removed price for the resource world, didn't intend for there to be a price.
  • Gave players the ability to toggle the scoreboard with /asb toggle on|off, if you'd prefer not to see it.
  • Replaced Scoreboard plugin to fix a bug where it was displaying the wrong amount for player balance, not to mention when it was breaking all the other plugins as a few maybe recall. This issue should be fixed. If you are having any errors yourself, please let me know!
  • Fixed voting on not giving the player a reward.
  • Added a kit: /kit claim to get a golden shovel (the tool needed for resizing your claims). Free for all players. (will work on next reset). If you need help with how land claims work, this video should be helpful

Known Issues:

  • Server Crashes - They have happened a few times and I'm still trying to figure out why. I've contacted the server host because it doesn't display any errors in the console or any play actions I can really point it to, so I think it must be on their end. As of posting this it has been up for 15 hours without issue, so hopefully this is not something that will persist. Please let me know if this happens again because I can't always tell what exactly happened when I'm away or asleep.
  • Rollbacks - I'm currently working on a solution. Should be fine unless the server crashes, as long as I warn everyone to log out before a restart as player data isn't always properly saved when a stop command is made.
  • Alchemy - I've had some reports that potion making with a brewing table isn't working correctly. This will require some further diagnosis. Let me know of your issues or lack thereof.
  • Website not syncing or having trouble validating: The server sometimes has trouble communicating with the website, but it clears itself up and changes will be updated shortly. Just be patient for now. This seems like a lesser issue to me at this time and as I am using the pre release version of Nameless MC for the website, I'm sure this will be remedied in later updates. 
  • If there's any issues besides those mentioned above, be sure to let me know!

Also, if you are getting kicked for hacking, you likely have Forge installed or a modded client of some sort. Even if your not doing something that one would consider cheating, the anti-cheat can often pick up on this. The general policy is not to use any sort of modded client at all.

So far I've noticed some false reports for an unmodded client, but haven't gotten kicked. The people getting kicked output a lot more of reports, false or not, this leads me to believe they do have mods. Let me know if you think differently.

I appreciate the players who have been patient through all the errors, it IS a brand new server, after all.

Note that the quickest way to get in touch with me if your having issues is to DM me on Discord.

Thanks for playing!

- Dydeyo

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