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Welcome to VanillaRPG!
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Welcome to VanillaRPG's rules page
Click on the tabs above to see the different sections of the rules.

<------------------------BE KIND!------------------------>
Just follow our simple rules, and be kind to othersĀ :)
If there's anything you think we may have missed, please let us know on the forums or in the Discord!

Useful links:

No modified or hacked clients of any kind are allowed on the server. We know some mods may not be cheating but we'd prefer you didn't mod your client at all.
Any sort of advertising for anything non related to this server is strictly prohibited.
Please report them to a staff member, if you are caught abusing bugs to get ahead you will be permanently banned.
It is an open world, and you should be weary of who you trust. Any attempts to scam some one in RL will not be tolerated.
Spamming and harassing staff members in any way will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity you will get kicked, muted, or even banned permanently.
  • Impersonating a staff member will get you banned indefinitely.
Harassing other players will not be tolerated.
Any hateful speech will result in being muted, kicked, or permanently banned. This applies to user names and user skins as well.
  • The sharing of any illegal content or discussion of such is not allowed.
Use DO NOT share any personal information such as phone numbers, IP, and address. This mean your own as well as anyone else's.
  • Even threats of doxxing or hacking another player will not be tolerated.